How we hope to democratise food.

What is AMYBO?

AMYBO is a diverse community of people interested in unlocking the secrets of protein fermentation. Our aim is that anyone will be able to produce tasty, nutritious protein at a lower financial cost and much lower environmental cost than by raising animals to eat.

What are we doing now?

Initially, we have quite a list of questions to answer:

  1. Which single cell protein should we ferment first? Are we all agreed that Hydrogen Oxidising Bacteria should be our main initial focus?
  2. What equipment will we need to ferment it? Is everyone happy that we’re focusing in on our HOB-modified Pioreactor as our main community research tool?
  3. How should we share our results to best accelerate open source development?
  4. What license should work done by AMYBO be placed under?
  5. How can we ensure that the products we make are safe to eat?

You are invited to join us in creating pages on this site addressing these issues (and any other’s we haven’t yet thought of)

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Next steps

Plan of campaign

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