a non-profit open source protein fermentation community

AMYBO is all about letting people grow their own nutritious, delicious and affordable protein.

AMYBO was kicked off in 2023 by Martin Currie, following inspiration from:

We would love you to join us, feel free to get involved in any way you like.
And if you like, when you like, please do add your name and inspirations here.

CONFESSION: The image of the blueberry porridge that we’re currently using on this page and our front page isn’t actually fermented protein, it’s a public domain stock image by iha31 from Pixabay which happened to come from Docsy’s template. It may well be that we develop a protein porridge that looks much like this, when served with blueberries, so in the interest of focusing on more important stuff we’ve left it as-is. If you have a better image that you’d like to contribute, please do, otherwise we may try to generate a more appropriate placeholder with Dall-E, midjourney, etc. and eventually some real photos of real open source proteins or processes.

We need your help

We need biotechnologists, chefs, coders, creatives, engineers, enthusiasts, environmentalists, makers, medics, microbiologists, nutritionists, others.

Contributions welcome!

All these pages are editable, so please add more, fix what’s wrong, or just get in touch.

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We aim to resume posting fortnightly videos as soon as funding permits.

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