Our name & Logo

What’s with the AMYBO name & logo?


AMYBO is a community and we want it to be community led. As such both the name and the logo are placeholders for the community to fill in.

We consider AMYBO to be a placeholder backronym. That is it’s an acronym that stands for something the community still needs to decide on. We’re in no great rush to fill it, as we want to leave space for literary creatives to join us & contribute alongside biotechnologists and developers.

Please reach out to [email protected] with any backronym suggestions.

Likewise with the “AMYBO NEEDS A LOGO” logo, we welcome visual creatives to the community & would love to see their take on the logo. Some might say there’s a bit more urgency to the logo than the backronym. Say for example if we wanted to join the APA or any similar logo collection. Without the community explanation, we may look like we’re not taking ourselves seriously.

So what do we want in a logo?

  • It’s common in logo competitions to seek a logo that encapsulates what the organisation does, or its main product(s). But if you look at any lists of the world’s most recognisable logos you’ll probably see <3% that even allude to what the organisation does.
  • Most top logos are just a name, many use an image that conveys an emotion rather than a product: car brands often go with powerful animals or geometric symbols, penguins have been used by OS & book publishers, a small business trying to use a pear logo was famously challenged by a company using a more recognisable fruit…
  • Do we just want a nice font for AMYBO? If so, what do we mean by a nice font?
  • Do we stick with black on white for accessibility, low cost printing & the ability to use different colours for different purposes without going off-brand? Or do we want to pick a specific colour?
  • If we just use AMYBO in a nice font, what do we use for square favicons and circular YouTube logos, etc?

Please let us know your thoughts at [email protected]

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