Which sterilisation systems should we use?

Open Source Autoclave Shortlist

This is a short list, there are a number of open source autoclave control projects:

But the only open source project that claims to deliver a full autoclave, is in our opinion just a thermal steriliser, as it doesn’t appear to pressurise the sterilisation volume.

It may well be that open source autoclaves are too risky. The probability of an explosion with an incorrectly constructed unit is high and the consequences could be lethal.

Given the high risk and low volumes of sales a commercial autoclave would likely be the most expensive item on our equipment list. So we should consider pressure cookers:

Pressure cookers


#### Metallic Black GPC201SS-20 5.5L 1000W Pressure Cooker

Exciting features for AMYBO (as of June 2023):

* Low price * Can be used outside the kitchen (no hob required)

Concerns (as of June 2023):

* Can it accurately monitor and control temperature and pressure? * Will condensation be an issue? (Autoclaves use dry steam)

  • It can’t maintain 121°C - the normal minimum temperature for autoclaving


Ikea 365+


Other Open Source “Autoclaves”


See also Open Autoclave: Build an open-source off-grid medical instrument sterilizer, Open Source Medical Autoclave for Developing World, Open Autoclave: a Humanitarian Maker Project

Concerns (as of June 2023):

  1. How can this maintain pressure, and if it doesn’t, how can it be called an autoclave?

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