Spirulina Batch

Batch cultivation of Spirulina by Martin Currie

Kit List

  1. Pioreactor 20 ml - see our thoughts on Pioreactors
  2. Super Bright White 5mm LED for photosynthesis
  3. 5mm LED cables to connect the LED
  4. Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB RAM - needn’t be 8GB, that’s just what I had from a prior project
  5. Raspberry Pi 15W USB-C Power Supply
  6. Micro SD - because Tom said
  7. Ethernet cable - just because we use CAT8 in the studio for anything in live production
  8. Another computer on the same network as the Raspberry Pi with a web browser
  9. PH0 Screwdriver
  10. Jewellers scales (to calibrate pipettor and weigh out growth media powder)
  11. 10ml Volumetric flask to make up growth media
  12. 10-100 ul Pipettor and 200 ul tips for inoculation
  13. Weighing boat
  14. Spatula
  15. Pressure cooker to ‘autoclave’
  16. cotton wool and foil to cover the vessel ports.
  17. Distilled water
  18. Spirulina inoculum & growth media - as it was the only Spirulina we could source in time.



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